Caste Hardcover by Isabel Wilkerson

Beyond race or class, our lives are defined by a powerful, unspoken system of divisions. In Caste, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson gives an astounding portrait of this hidden phenomenon. Linking America, India and Nazi Germany, Wilkerson reveals how our world has been shaped by caste - and how its rigid, arbitrary hierarchies still divide us today.

With clear-sighted rigour, Wilkerson unearths the eight pillars that connect caste systems across civilizations, and demonstrates how our own era of intensifying conflict and upheaval has arisen as a consequence of caste. Weaving in stories of real people, she shows how its insidious undertow emerges every day; she documents its surprising health costs; and she explores its effects on culture and politics. 

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Magnificent. Profound. Eye-opening. Sobering. Hopeful. -- Oprah Winfrey

Powerful and timely ... I cannot recommend it strongly enough -- Barack Obama

Extraordinary ... an instant American classic and almost certainly the keynote nonfiction book of the American century thus far ... It made the back of my neck prickle from its first pages, and that feeling never went away. Wilkerson has written a closely-argued book that largely avoids the word "racism," yet stares it down with more humanity and rigor than nearly all but a few books in our literature. It's a book that seeks to shatter a paralysis of will. It's a book that changes the weather inside a reader. -- Dwight Garner ― The New York Times

Impressively researched and well written ... If you haven't read Caste yet, you absolutely must. -- Edward Enninful ― Vogue

Such is Wilkerson's gift as a writer that she leaves you looking at the world differently. -- Afua Hirsch ― Vogue

Caste will spur readers to think and to feel in equal measure -- Kwame Anthony Appiah ― New York Times Book Review

Isabel Wilkerson's Caste is probably the most important piece of non-fiction published this year. -- Sarah Hughes ― i News

Surprising and arresting... the idea of caste challenges fundamental notions of America as a meritocratic society ... Wilkerson's epilogue feels like a prayer for a country in pain, offering new directions through prophetic new language -- Bilal Qureshi ― Washington Post

An expansive interrogation of racism, institutionalised inequality and injustice ... This is an American reckoning and so it should be. Wilkerson activates history in her pages, bringing all its horror and possibility to light. It is a painfully resonant book and could not have come at a more urgent time. -- Fatima Bhutto ― Guardian

Persuasive and unsettling ... beneath the veneer of meritocratic idealism lie deeper layers of the American psyche where white supremacy still reigns. But the case Wilkerson puts forward is inspiring and hopeful ... caste can be dismantled, setting everyone free. -- Ashish Ghadiali ― Observer

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  • Publisher : Allen Lane (15 September 2020); Penguin Random House

  • Language : English

  • Hardcover : 496 pages

  • ISBN-10 : 0241486513

  • ISBN-13 : 978-0241486511

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