The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman


This bestselling business classic gives you everything you need to transform your business and your career.

An MBA at a top business school is an enormous investment in time and cash. And if you don't want to work for a consulting firm or an investment bank, the chances are it simply isn't worth it.

The Personal MBA gives you simple mental models for every subject that's key to commercial success. From the basics of products and marketing to the nuances of teamwork and systems, this book distils everything you need to know to take on the MBA graduates and win.

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A masterpiece. This is the 'START HERE' book I recommend to everyone interested in business. An amazing overview of everything you need to know. Covers all of the basics, minus buzz-words and fluff. One of the most inspiring things I've read in years ― Derek Sivers, founder of CDbaby.com and bestselling author of Anything You Want

No matter what they tell you, an MBA is not essential. If you combine reading this book with actually trying stuff, you'll be far ahead in the business game ― Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired and bestselling author of The Inevitable

File this book under NO EXCUSES. After you've read it, you won't be open to people telling you that you're not smart enough, not insightful enough, or not learned enough to do work that matters. Josh takes you on a worthwhile tour of the key ideas in business ― Seth Godin, bestselling author of This Is Marketing

I've run across few people who conceptually 'grok' how to get things done better than Josh Kaufman ― David Allen, bestselling author of Getting Things Done

Fundamentals are fundamentals. Whether you're an entrepreneur or an executive at a Fortune 500 company, this book will help you succeed ― John Mang, Vice President of Japan Fabric & Home Care, Procter & Gamble

This book goes far beyond business: I used the marketing, sales, and communication principles in this book to complete my PhD and land a highly competitive postdoc and professorship at a world-class research university. Whatever you do for a living, this book will help you do it even better ― Dr. Zachary Gagnon, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

If you're thinking of starting a business, this book will radically increase your confidence. If you're already running a business, this book will help you identify weaknesses in your systems to get better results. If you're thinking about plunging yourself into debt to get an MBA, this book will challenge you to your core. Are you more interested in becoming a better businessperson, or having a document to hang on your wall to impress people? ― Daniel Joshua Rubin, Playwright and Portrait Artist

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  • Publisher : Penguin (25 September 2020); Penguin Random House

  • Language : English

  • Paperback : 496 pages

  • ISBN-10 : 0670919535

  • ISBN-13 : 978-0670919536

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  • Dimensions : 12.9 x 2.8 x 19.8 cm

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